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His distinctive interpretation can be heard not only in his approach to keyboard instruments, but also in Baroque vocal and instrumental music. Francesco Cera is particularly well-known for his performances of 17th century harpsichord and organ music. His audacious interpretation of the Domenico Scarlatti Sonatas brings out their innovative rhetorical and dramatic character, as well as their brilliance.

Cera has recorded three CD's of these Sonatas from the manuscript dated , and took part in the performance of the comp Login Save and share your playlist with your friends when you log in.


Create account Make and save your favorite music on your Music Folder. Scholars Baroque Ensemble Artist Info. Johann Michael Bach Artist Info. Francesco Bartolomeo Conti Artist Info.


Conrad Steinmann Artist Info. Johann Kropfgans Artist Info. Johann Vierdanck Artist Info. Francesco Corbetta Artist Info. Bernard Foccroulle Artist Info. Dies irae Zamponi G. MusicWorks Grade 4. Score and parts. Published by Hal Leonard HL. Stadium Jams - Vol. Contemporary Marching Band. Arranged by Bill Wilson. Romantic Period, Classical; Halloween. Verdi , Giuseppe : Requiem - 2. Sequence Dies Irae. Violin or Flute. Double Bass. Piano Quartets. Clarinet in Bb. Piano Trios. Tarantella, Op. Trio No.

Saint-Saëns Requiem, Op. 54 - Lecture

String Quartets. Quartet No. Violin 1. Violin 2. Christmas Oratorio. There were shepherds at night Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass. There were shepherds at night Quartet. Benedictus Soprano, Bass. My soul doth magnify Soprano, Tenor, Bass. Benedictus Duet. My soul doth magnify Trio. In my heart I believe Tenor, Chorus. Wherefore do the heathen clamor? Christmas Oratorio, Op. Patiently, patiently have I waited Soprano. Patiently, patiently have I waited Aria. Mass for Four Voices.

Gloria Soprano, Alto, Chorus. Agnus Dei Alto, Chorus. Sanctus Chorus.


Saint-Saëns: Requiem, Organ Symphony - NaxosDirect

Mass for Four Voices, Op. Messe de Requiem. Rex Tremendae Tenor, Chorus. Hostias Chorus. Benedictus Chorus. Messe de Requiem, Op. Psalm Thou, O Lord, art my Protector Aria. La Cendre Rouge, Op. Ame triste. Jour de pluie. Petite main. Reviens Epilogue. Melodies Persanes, Op.

La Brise. La splendeur vide. La solitaire. Sabre en main. Au cimitiere. Songs individual. Medium Voice. Clair de Lune. La Cloche. Allegro Appassionato, Op. Suite, Op. Carnival of the Animals. Carnival of the Animals: 0.

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Orchestral Score. Piano 1.

Requiem (Saint-Saëns)

Piano 2. Carnival of the Animals: Complete set. Cello Concerto No. Bassoon 1. Bassoon 2. Clarinet 1. Clarinet 2. Flute 1.