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Basics of Electrical Drives. Cut off the base of an empty cereal box with a box cutter. Then, wrap the box with decorative paper. Arrange the organizers in the drawer to cure clutter and bring a dose of cheer to a desk or cabinet! When cabinet space is at a premium, try this off-the-wall spice storage idea on for size. Adhere magnets to the back of pre-labeled clear-top tins with epoxy. Then, fill the tins with sumptuous seasonings, and stick them to the refrigerator to put your culinary and DIY chops on display. Instructables via ReeseLloyd. This two-in-one bench and shoe rack pulls double duty , acting as both storage and seating—making it perfect for a skinny entryway or foyer.

To copy the look, join plywood and tapered feet with screws into a storage-smart accent. Good for more than fastening paper, binder clips also offer an in-a-pinch solution for corralling unruly USB cables. Instructables via mkarimi2.

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With a simple tweak to an ordinary cabinet door, you may never again fumble in the dark for pot and pan lids. Simply affix a few adhesive hooks to the inside of a cupboard door , then use the frugal fixtures to mount your pot lids—and put a lid on cupboard clutter!

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Instructables via Jayefuu. This wall-mounted organizer succeeds even when your memory fails you.

The shelf comes together with poplar boards and wood screws, while steel drawer pulls and knobs mounted to the backing keep personal effects safe and secure. In a sea of storage, labels can mean the difference between an organized oasis and a disorderly disaster. These DIY labels can be peeled and adhered to plain plastic storage bins for easy and elegant identification.

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When it comes to storage-smart kitchen organizers, this tiered stand takes the cake! Furniture legs form the pretty and practical pedestals on which repurposed spring-form pans sit. When filled with coffee bar staples, this delectable display is sure to please neat freaks and caffeine lovers alike! True to its name, a double closet hanging rod can instantly double hanging space in a cramped closet.

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Donor funding has played a pivotal role in advancing genomics research. Loretta and Ivo Zanatta carry on family traditions with two separate businesses.

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