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More than one friend or colleague encouraged me to take additional photos outside in the streets.

The Color of Loss An Intimate Portrait of New Orleans after Katrina

It will make for a more complete photo essay, they said. No, I responded; others would do that job. I took photographic liberties with this series of images, for several reasons. We are constantly bombarded with photographic depictions, via TV, web, and print, of everything from commercial products to disaster coverage. The result is that we easily become bored and perceptually complacent. I call this reaction to the overload of images "visual immunity. Employing photographic techniques that emphasized detail was critical. The visual tableau was vastly different from anything I'd seen before, largely because the flooding in New Orleans was so unparalleled.

Weeks of soaking in filthy saltwater had changed everyday items into uncanny archaeological artifacts. The cracked mud, the corrosion on metal objects, the curling of wallpaper, the pink insulation drooping from ceilings—everywhere I looked there was another shocking detail to be recorded and highlighted. No matter how I photographed the interiors, it was important that this detail not only be captured, but also be rendered with rich texture and dimension.

Another primary photographic decision was to shoot in color.

Though I'd worked for years as a black-and-white photographer, it was immediately obvious to me that New Orleans had to be portrayed in color, and confident color at that. In homes, businesses, churches, and schools, you'll see how boldly the residents of New Orleans embrace color in their surroundings. A monochromatic interpretation would have done a disservice to those rich choices.

Sometimes the way life's events are arranged works to our advantage. Just weeks before my first trip to New Orleans, I began experimenting with a new kind of photography called high dynamic range HDR imaging. In a nutshell, a judicious use of hardware and software lets photographers capture scenes with extremely high contrast ratios between the light and dark values. Had I tried to photograph settings similar to those depicted in this book a few years earlier, I'd have been forced to walk away from many of the subjects.

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There was no way a single exposure on film or digital chip could capture the extreme range of brightness values. HDR has changed all of that.

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Even rooms with glaringly bright windows and deep, dark shadows can now be rendered with visually inviting detail in every part of the image, for an almost painterly effect. HDR imaging was the perfect tool for capturing the harshly lit interiors of flood-ravaged New Orleans. Note that HDR images look different from "normal" photographs.

Shadows that would otherwise appear dark and empty are now open and full of color; highlights that would be washed out and blank are richly textured and color filled. Your eye discovers information in every part of the image. Using color and HDR techniques together revealed detail and captured the breadth of destruction, but by themselves they would not have been enough to make successful photographs. It has been said that placement of the camera is one of the most important decisions a photographer makes. With only a few exceptions, for the photos in this book I positioned the camera at eye level.

The Color That Is Loss.

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By Herbert Morris. Another form of color deficiency is blue-yellow.

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  4. This is a rarer and more severe form of color vision loss than red-green, because people with blue-yellow. This sections covers loss of color underwater, color compensation that your brain does, understanding color temperature, and reflected light. The following topics.

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    It holds thousands of works that constitute an important collection of modern and. Is color the key to weight loss? Tuesday, 06 December Hits.

    Epub The Color Of Loss An Intimate Portrait Of New Orleans After Katrina

    Can colors curb your appetite and help you lose weight?. Besides photography, Dan enjoys spending time with Jill, motorcycling, and exploring their new home in the Hudson River Valley.

    Six Flags New Orleans: Killed by Katrina

    Using an innovative digital photographic technology called high dynamic range HDR imaging, in which multiple exposures are artistically blended to bring out details in the shadows and highlights that would be hidden in conventional photographs, he creates images that are almost like paintings in their richness of color and profusion of detail.

    In the deserted, sinisterly beautiful rooms, we see how much of the splendor and texture of New Orleans washed away in the flood. This is the hidden truth of Katrina that Dan Burkholder has revealed.