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On the way there Durdles points out a mound of quicklime. Jasper provides a bottle of wine to Durdles. The wine is mysteriously potent and Durdles soon loses consciousness; while unconscious he dreams that Jasper goes off by himself in the crypt. As they return from the crypt, they encounter a boy called Deputy, and Jasper, thinking he was spying on them, takes him by the throat — but, seeing that this will strangle him, lets him go.

On Christmas Eve, Neville buys himself a heavy walking stick; he plans to spend his Christmas break hiking around the countryside. Meanwhile, Edwin visits a jeweller to repair his pocket watch; it is mentioned that the only pieces of jewellery that he wears are the watch and chain and a shirt pin. By chance he meets a woman who is an opium user from London. She asks Drood's Christian name and he replies that it is 'Edwin'; she says he is fortunate it is not 'Ned,' for 'Ned' is in great danger.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Abridged

He thinks nothing of this, for the only person who calls him 'Ned' is Jasper. Meanwhile, Jasper buys himself a black scarf of strong silk, which is not seen again during the course of the novel. The reconciliation dinner is successful and at midnight, Drood and Neville Landless leave together to go down to the river and look at a wind storm that rages that night. The next morning Edwin is missing and Jasper spreads suspicion that Neville has killed him. Neville leaves early in the morning for his hike; the townspeople overtake him and bring him back to the city.

Mr Crisparkle keeps Neville out of jail by taking responsibility for him: he will produce him anytime his presence is required. That night Jasper is grief-stricken when Mr. Grewgious informs him that Edwin and Rosa had ended their betrothal; he reacts more strongly to this news than to the prospect that Edwin may be dead. The next morning, Rev. Mr Crisparkle goes to the river weir and finds Edwin's watch and chain and his shirt pin.

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A half-year later, Neville is living in London near Mr. Grewgious's office. Tartar introduces himself and offers to share his garden with Landless; Mr. Tartar's chambers are adjacent to Neville's above a common courtyard. A stranger who calls himself Dick Datchery arrives in Cloisterham. He rents a room below Jasper and observes the comings and goings in the area. On his way to the lodging the first time, Mr. Datchery asks directions from Deputy.

Deputy will not go near there for fear that Jasper will choke him again. Jasper visits Rosa at the Nuns' House and professes his love for her. She rejects him but he persists; he says that if she gives him no hope, he will destroy Neville, the brother of her dear friend Helena. In fear of Jasper, Rosa goes to Mr. Grewgious in London. The next day Rev. Mr Crisparkle follows Rosa to London. When he is with Mr. Grewgious and Rosa, Mr. Tartar calls and asks if he remembers him. Crisparkle does remember him, as the one who years before saved him from drowning.

Tartar allows Rosa to visit his chambers to contact Helena above the courtyard. Grewgious arranges for Rosa to rent a place from Mrs. Billickin and for Miss Twinkleton to live with her there so that she can live there respectably. Jasper visits the London opium den again for the first time since Edwin's disappearance.

When he leaves at dawn, the woman who runs the opium den follows him.

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She vows to herself that she will not lose his trail again as she did after his last visit. This time she follows him all the way to his home in Cloisterham; outside she meets Mr. Datchery, who tells her Jasper's name and that he will sing the next morning in the cathedral service. On inquiry, Datchery learns she is called "Princess Puffer. Dickens's death leaves the rest of the story unknown.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (The Penguin English Library)

According to his friend and biographer John Forster , after Dickens had written him two brief letters which relate to the plot but not the murder , he had supplied Forster with an outline of the full plot:. His first fancy for the tale was expressed in a letter in the middle of July. The interest to arise out of the tracing of their separate ways, and the impossibility of telling what will be done with that impending fate.

I first heard of the later design in a letter dated "Friday the 6th of August ", in which after speaking, with the usual unstinted praise he bestowed always on what moved him in others, of a little tale he had received for his journal, he spoke of the change that had occurred to him for the new tale by himself. Not a communicable idea or the interest of the book would be gone , but a very strong one, though difficult to work.

The last chapters were to be written in the condemned cell, to which his wickedness, all elaborately elicited from him as if told of another, had brought him. Discovery by the murderer of the utter needlessness of the murder for its object, was to follow hard upon commission of the deed; but all discovery of the murderer was to be baffled till towards the close, when, by means of a gold ring which had resisted the corrosive effects of the lime into which he had thrown the body, not only the person murdered was to be identified but the locality of the crime and the man who committed it.

So much was told to me before any of the book was written; and it will be recollected that the ring, taken by Drood to be given to his betrothed only if their engagement went on, was brought away with him from their last interview.


Rosa was to marry Tartar, and Crisparkle the sister of Landless, who was himself, I think, to have perished in assisting Tartar finally to unmask and seize the murderer. Although the killer is not revealed, it is generally believed that John Jasper, Edwin's uncle, is the murderer. There are three reasons:. Datchery appears some time after Edwin's disappearance and keeps a close eye on Jasper. There are hints that he is in disguise, and this theme has been taken up in adaptations of the story which try to solve the mystery: in the movie production of the story, starring Claude Rains as Jasper, Datchery is Neville Landless in disguise.

A strong argument can be made for Datchery being Tartar. Datchery is described at one point as walking with his hands clasped behind him — "as the wont of such buffers is", a walking stance frequently associated with naval officers pacing a quarter-deck.

Pdf The Mystery Of Edwin Drood Modern Library 2009

Frequently there are similar expressions used to describe both characters. The Mystery of Edwin Drood was scheduled to be published in twelve instalments shorter than Dickens's usual twenty from April to February , each costing one shilling and illustrated by Luke Fildes. Only six of the instalments were completed before Dickens's death in It was therefore approximately half finished.

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  8. Supplying a conclusion to The Mystery of Edwin Drood has occupied writers from the time of Dickens' death to the present day. The first three attempts to complete the story were undertaken by Americans. Kerr in , [9] was as much a parody as a continuation, transplanting the story to the United States. It is a "burlesque" farce rather than a serious attempt to continue in the spirit of the original story. The second ending was written by Henry Morford, a New York journalist. He travelled to Rochester with his wife and published the ending serially during his stay in England from — In this ending, Edwin Drood survives Jasper's murder attempt.

    Datchery is Bazzard in disguise, but Helena disguises herself as well to overhear Jasper's mumbling under the influence of opium. The third attempt was perhaps the most unusual. In , a Brattleboro, Vermont printer, Thomas Power James , published a version which he claimed had been literally 'ghost-written' by him channeling Dickens' spirit.

    Other Drood scholars disagree. John C.

    Editions of The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens

    Walters "dismiss[ed it] with contempt", stating that the work "is self-condemned by its futility, illiteracy, and hideous American mannerisms; the mystery itself becomes a nightmare, and the solution only deepens the obscurity. Out of 15, responses, the overwhelming verdict was that Jasper killed his own nephew and stashed his body in the church crypt, the same solution proposed by Dickens' friends and family.

    John Jasper played by Frederick T. Harry stood trial for the murder of Edwin Drood. Chesterton , best known for the Father Brown mystery stories, was the judge, and George Bernard Shaw was the foreman of the jury, which was made up of other authors. Proceedings were very light-hearted; Shaw in particular made wisecracks at the expense of others present. For instance, Shaw claimed that if the prosecution thought that producing evidence would influence the jury then "he little knows his functions".

    The jury returned a verdict of manslaughter , Shaw stating that it was a compromise on the grounds that there was not enough evidence to convict Jasper but that they did not want to run the risk of being murdered in their beds. Both sides protested and demanded that the jury be discharged.

    Shaw claimed that the jury would be only too pleased to be discharged. Chesterton ruled that the mystery of Edwin Drood was insoluble and fined everyone, except himself, for contempt of court. The first two silent pictures released in British [19] and American [20] are unavailable to the general public and have been little-seen since they were released.