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Matching sets are the lingerie trend that weirdly makes us happier.

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If pretty lace pieces make you smile no matter what, then prepare to lose it over everything from independent lingerie label Lonely. From silky bralettes to lacy briefs, everything in the retailer's lingerie section is a designer dream.

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As easily as we fall in love with dainty lingerie items, let's face it: Our staple items are the ones we reach for day in and day out. If you're looking to give your lingerie drawer a much-needed refresh, this is the place to start shopping. Need Supply 's selection of cool lesser-known brands is a minimalist's dream. Shop here to discover your new favorite lingerie brand. We have to hand it to Aerie for offering such a wide range of sizes and lingerie styles at such an affordable price point.

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A win-win if you ask us. If you're a fan of the brand's dreamy floral dresses and modern bohemian vibe, you definitely need to shop its impressive selection of equally on-trend lingerie staples. There's a reason that your first bra ever was probably from here. When it comes to offering a selection of almost every bra and underwear style imaginable, Victoria's Secret is your best bet.

From dainty mesh bralettes to classic yet cool bras, this retailer's pretty much got it all.

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Shop here when you're tired of all your plain bras and want something practical that still feels a little special. We're of the opinion that for every truly functional bra in your lingerie drawer, a dainty "just for fun" piece deserves a spot.

Shop Journelle for all the pieces we'd buy just because they're so pretty. This post was originally published at an earlier date and has sine been updated. Now, see the best places to shop for different swimsuits. Good for matching sets: ASOS. Shop my picks from ASOS:. Good for lace pieces: Lonely.

Shop my picks from Lonely:. As the UK House of Commons' Environmental Audit Committee highlighted in a recent report, a single shirt and a pair of jeans can take up to 20, litres of water to produce. It concluded that "we are unwittingly wearing the fresh water supply of central Asia". Yet, a polyester shirt made out of virgin plastics has a far larger carbon footprint. Transporting items increases that further and dying fabrics can introduce more pollutants.

Microplastic fibres shedding into waterways is becoming an increasing problem - a single washing machine load can release hundreds of thousands of fibres. The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee has made 18 recommendations - from taxing a penny on the price of an item to fund recycling centres, to reducing the rate of VAT on clothing repair services, to introducing more sewing lessons in schools.

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As yet, none of these measures have been adopted. Critics say if we're serious about sustainable fashion, the objective of policy should be to persuade us to buy less.

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That might need more drastic action, with perhaps an environmental tax on clothing. But given the fragile state of the High Street, and the importance of consumer spending to the economy, it's hard to see any politician entertaining that.

The Myth of the Ethical Shopper - The Huffington Post

At present, the government favours a voluntary approach, encouraging retailers to sign up to the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan - but the number signing up accounts for less than half of the UK market. Just outside the Spanish coastal city of A Coruna lies the global headquarters of Inditex. It's hardly a household name - but its main fashion brand, Zara, is. What started as a small manufacturing outfit is now one of the biggest retailers on the planet. Moreover, Zara changed the way we shop - by bringing looks from the catwalk to the high street in just three weeks at affordable prices.

Well, some big retailers do at least seem to be engaging and taking action. But at the heart of their business model is newness, convincing us to keep on buying - that is, if we needed convincing. Is it retailers' responsibility to convince us to buy less? Zara's Pablo Isla argues not - that the retailer is simply responding to consumer's wishes, and that those customers should have the freedom of choice.

With Extinction Rebellion climate change protests taking place outside their windows, emerging designers at London College of Fashion told us that they were going on fashion strikes - taking a vow not to spend for several months or even a year. Such action is growing in popularity, and there's an increasing focus on buying better clothing - and making do and mending torn garments. One of the designers we met even focused on making clothes out of the multitude of tents discarded at music festivals.

But it may not be enough. As the popularity of social media influencers has soared, so too have concerns about the impact they may have on our attitude towards shopping. Eco-activist Livia Firth has been using red carpet appearances alongside her husband Colin to showcase sustainable fabrics, including fish skin "leather" handbags. She even persuaded him to wear a tuxedo made out of recycled bottles.

She says influencers need to change their approach, saying "if Kim Kardashian were to promote sustainable fashion, I could retire". She likens our relationship with fashion to an addiction. With clothing demand forecast to rise by the equivalent of billion t-shirts over the next decade, she may have a point. The attorney general defends the government's actions, but says the judges were entitled to rule as they did. The real price of buying cheap clothes By Dharshini David Economics correspondent.

Image copyright Getty Images The French or Italians might like to think of themselves as the most fashionable people in Europe - but it is the Brits that are the most dedicated shoppers. Media playback is unsupported on your device. View comments. More on this story. Katharine Hamnett: Fashion tax is 'stupid'.